Re-set Button

The world has, undoubtedly, spun off it’s axis. And I don’t think that we are going to catch up with it, or ourselves for some time. I started writing some musings last weekend about shizzle we might want or need to tide us over whilst we look to calm things down. So much, everything, has changed since then. What I/we were feeling then, is nothing to how we were probably feeling by the end of last week… or by the end of the weekend.

I think that I probably cried about 14 times a day last week, from the fear of what might be to come, from the plants that were all ready for Mothers Day that won’t be sold and have been seemingly abandoned in Homebase (yes, we went there to buy paint). To empty supermarket shelves as we induced panic in each other for the forthcoming Armageddon and seemingly had to buy everything NOW – why people why?
To just feeling so, so sad about everything that we know, and have taken for granted as being there, closing – to see local local coffee shops stack up their chairs and pack up, independent and national stores close their doors not knowing when, or if, they might open again.

And I’m scared, and I’m worrying about not being able to see my mum for I don’t know how long. And worried about us, or if our loved ones were to get ill, and to not be able to be there and care for them.

It was only last weekend when Mr E-E said, with us having overdosed on news, with the known unknowns and the super anxiety-inducing situation that we’re find ourselves in… he mentioned – ‘perhaps this is the time that the world has to re-set…?’
I think that we will indeed re-think everything of the how’s and why’s of the way we work, the way we operate, eat, travel and live. This is a wake up call on so many levels – how do we want to live? And what is truly important to us? It looks also like we’re going to have time to really think about it as well.

I found myself scrolling back on the photos on my phone for work last week, and found pictures of my small folk and I bumbling around home and London in the Christmas holidays and even the half term holidays… before ‘this’. It took my breath away. I’m guessing that all of our hearts are breaking a little right now. And not just because we’re going to be having to spend SO MUCH TIME with our children. And potentially not have a moment alone UNTIL SEPTEMBER.

Last week we had cancellation after cancellation of orders at work. Garments no longer required as shops will not be open. A situation without doubt that has echoed across the country/world. Cash flow, prospects, jobs, livelihoods all up in the air. It is terrifying.

However, as the tiniest of glimmers, and the smallest of lights, as we stand here looking up at the curve… at my work, our ever cool, calm and collected factory owner in China – the most unassuming of polo-shirt wearing men told us; 1 – that we have to quite literally stay alive, personally and professionally. But 2 – have faith, China in many places, is waking up again, people are starting to shop and venture out again. The economy, though no doubt forever changed is starting to see little shoots of growth once more. There are months ahead of us most probably of social distancing, isolation and I dread to think what, but ‘this’ will pass.

So I’m sending all virtual love for now, until I come up with some nonsense to share and discuss. Stay safe and at a distance, wash your hands… and find a damn good hand cream… AND JUST STAY AT HOME.


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