Home for the duration

Hello from Lock-down London. I hope beyond anything that you, and your loved ones are safe and well and avoiding all things virus…. or at least any brushes with are mild and fleeting.

All the words have been said before and so many times in the last few weeks about where we find ourselves right now, unprecedented, surreal, scary, daunting and yet more unprecedented. None of this makes any sense.

Like many I’m sure, I’m finding the safety and security of being at home in a bubble by far the least stressful aspect (though granted, there are moments). Sometimes our small folk don’t leave the building for days as going for a walk round our local park area can lead to having to come home and self medicate with wine to get over the stress of it (grown ups, not kids). Too many people; runners and cyclists – yes, looking at you – just appear to be hell bent on going in whatever direction they want to without swerving to mind others, as they approach unseen from behind, as if following the 2 metre social distancing rules don’t apply to them. Grrrrrrrr.

Though I’m freelance and work on a retainer for a company, I’ve been furloughed. There was a strange relief in it – I’d been making sure I appeared available on email, but was mainly digging deep to try and make myself appear busy, even though I wasn’t; my customers had gone quiet and in truth my head was all of a dither to be able to concentrate on anything properly productive. So now I have a month at least, where Mr E-E and I can, and are, DIY-ing and spring cleaning our pants off; we’ve not stopped – I like the busy-ness and distraction… for once the endless to-do list is (almost) appealing.

I’ve tried to find words to say before now, but struggled. Do we want to shop for the things I normally talk about? Can we shop? Dare we spend and shop for things other than for necessities – food, medicines and wine (not necessarily in that order)?

Things I’ve learned whilst on lock-down;

1 – (Not remotely) Guilty pleasure; Big pants. Enormous. Why wouldn’t you? (I know, I know, I’ve changed). Vpl’s bring them on. Comfort is, as we know, key. So if you’re in need of some new pants… If ordered online and delivered to your local Simply Food, you should hopefully be able to pick them up if you do a food shop from M&S.
M&S Sumptuously Soft full brief with lace £6

M&S Sumptuously Soft full brief with lace £6

Or these in gorgeous red. H&M are still delivering, and, as with so many (online) retailers are having regular deals and sales to tempt us to part with cash.
H&M Lace hipster briefs £4.99

H&M Lace hipster briefs £4.99

These knickers made a bit of a stir in pant-world when they launched… one size only (sizes 10-16); these are from John Lewis… if ordered online you could pick up from your local Waitrose as well. Currently there is 30% off all lingerie at John Lewis – the price below includes the discount.
Chantelle soft stretch high waisted briefs £9.80

Chantelle soft stretch high waisted briefs £9.80

2 – Second thing learned; after a plunger refuses work on various occasions and chemicals appear to the only solution; the satisfaction of a fast emptying bath is up there. Mr E-E and I watched a full bath completely empty itself at speed like proud parents: magnificent. Living the lock-down dream.

3 – Zoom. Weekly Pub Quizzes with mates of old. Folk that we would often only catch up with in person a couple of times a year – we’re now seeing each week; I couldn’t love it more (other than my general knowledge is somewhat wanting.)

4 – Time – that often elusive quality is here in abundance for us right now – I’ve had time to plant some tomatoes and herbs and even LABEL them, which takes away the element of surprise… may take a few months but we will have crop in the summer. Ish. I hope.

5 – Routine is good – we’ve done ‘PE with Joe’ live on YouTube every (goddamn) morning with the small folk, one who is keen and one who isn’t, it’s not pretty or remotely dignified, but we are embracing it, and I’m kind of loving it, moaning, groaning, puffing and oofing. I’ve been wearing these… supportive and they have a great pocket situation as well (back waist for keys, side leg for phone)
M&S Go Move gym running leggings £25

M&S Goodmove running leggings £25

6 – Finally, a birthday during lock-down is ace. The pressure is completely off. Mojitos at midday, sunny weather and a BBQ with my team and a very short stumble to bed when required.

mojito baby - evolve-edit

Cheers. Stay safe, stay home and see you soon


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