what to wear now

It may be the end of August and still officially just summertime, but… but… my thoughts have SO shifted to later. Email newsletters are coming in thick and fast to try to tempt us to buy autumn jackets, winter coats and boots (oh be still my beating heart) – but what DO we want to wear as we look to a change in the season?

For some of us, our work lives have remained the same since The Situation began, others have now gone back to work, or will go back to work, to how it or where it was (but social distanced obvs), and for many, it will be working from home with perhaps some office/work place visits on certain days. Who knows?

But what to wear that fits in with our mood/feelings of uncertainty etc? Before lock-down though I was already working from home, I was often working insane and unhealthy hours as well as trying (& mainly failing) to keep house and ensure I was there on time at the school gate. I don’t want to return to that way of life, in truth I almost feel as anxious about the return to a sort of normal as I did when we first locked down not knowing what lock down might mean.

Does a tailored jacket, that might have been an essential piece of armour or requirement, still feel necessary or right now when we might have got used to having Zoom meetings with colleagues whilst wearing something more casual from our dining room tables?

When I was pulling this blog-post together I looked at New Arrivals – you may have similar pieces already… I went with what I loved – whilst I realise the pieces are all mainly quite simple – we could call them elevated basics.

I’m not really one for joggers during the day… but THIS outfit – could this be more Important Zoom Meeting friendly? Taking the joggers into this cream tone makes them feel as though there’s been a little more thought perhaps? The blazer can be whipped off once you hit ‘Leave the meeting’ and hit the settee.

Perhaps if you were in the actual office, these might be smarter joggers. These are khaki, but they also come in black.

I’m all for the high/low look – a smarter element mixed with something more casual; the more formal (?) blouse, but then worn with jeans.

Goes without saying that good earrings can help with making it feel we’ve made an effort. Even if we then have to battle face masks etc around them… Not to mention they are a great distraction over a Zoom meeting with a plain t-shirt.

More colour, I’ve always had a thing for this colour green. Love it. This would make a change from my standard black sweatshirt that I’ve worn for the ENTIRE lockdown.

Simple, smart, casual, all in one. The slightly shorter length works brilliantly with trainers and later with boots.

This is a gorgeous shade of grey… an infinitely wearable button up cardigan. Worn like this, with jeans seems pretty dang good to me.

Chino-style trousers in winter still look good, switching sandals for boots. Especially with a cool or interesting belt like this.

A blouse of many possibilities. Perfect dressing up and down as well.

I think I last wore, what I would have termed a ‘tank top’ when I was at school. This has way more cool somehow. A ‘slip over’ is the new tank top; and I’m up for it.
(Alas no link, as the H&M website is down at the time of publishing.)

H&M Rib-Knit Slip Over jumper £17.99

To add in a little more jazz to an outfit?

As you may know – I’m all about the multi-tasking pieces… this polka dot skirt now with sandals (ish – OK the temperature is dropping as I type), but later with long or chunky boots or polo neck – yes – winner.

Another multi-tasker – switching in the same as above, polo neck jumper underneath, tights and chunky boots.

Finally… purse, phone, keys used to be final checks before leaving the building… now add in masks…

What are your essentials as we switch the season – is it to keep calm and layer up, or do you go for a complete switch?


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