Lock down lingerie

Lock down lingerie; just because we’re in lock down and the world is upside down and scary – we can at least get a little bit of joy from our lingerie no?

Summer Lovin’ dresses

Some multi-tasking summer dresses, that should, ideally, take you from garden, to street-side gin&tonic, to supermarkets and even to the office post lockdown…

Pick me up…

When going out to the supermarket becomes an event… or being viewed from the waist up via video calling – some distracting/jazzy earrings may improve your mood/outfit?!

Going Green

Something has to give with this crazy weather… I won’t give up wearing black, but I am very tempted by the spring green shade I keep seeing; it looks like hope.

Easy Cleaning

Leather, pleather and the like have been around all season, I/we may well have been distracted by sequins and sparkle before, but now… HELLO… So follows a look at some leather and pleather items that may just take your fancy.