We need to talk about SOCKS

Hummm the days are definitely cooler now and I’m OK about that I think; it’s nearly time to hang up the flip flops.

I love the fact here in the UK we have changing seasons which require a wardrobe refresh of some sort. About 200 years ago Mr E-E and I went travelling around the world… we saved hard before and spent well when we were away; some of the places we visited had pretty steady climates where they were just mainly hot.
Hot and dry sometimes, hot and wet at other times. I know to move and live in another country/continent where the sun always shines wouldn’t be for me; I would miss the cold, and the opportunity to wear coats, scarves, boots, and well, socks.

I may have fallen into a style rut as it were when it comes to socks. Not a sentence I ever expected to write. My feet are looking forward to be cared for within the confines of trainers or boots. Also I can’t bear cold feet, or just being cold, it makes me cross and miserable.

Mr E-E and I sort of have a ‘communal sock area’ as it were where black socks reside… sharing is caring and all that. Sometimes the socks may have a jaunty coloured toe and/or heel, but it doesn’t tend to veer much from that.

Despite designing Lingerie as a day job – hosiery doesn’t really call to me in the same way, and I guess socks fall in to that department, but there are exciting socks out there people! And, on a night out a jazzy sock can serve two purposes, imagine!
1) It can add some interest to an outfit and perhaps, if worn with a more summery sandal, extend the wear of said sandal into cooler months… and 2) – keep toes warm. Shocker.

Pinterest can be a great place to look for inspiration on, well anything. I look to it when pulling trend/mood boards together for my day job together often I’m never sure how old images might be.
This is one of the first images I found – a classic look which I LOVE… attainable and workable.

Pinterest inspiration

Asos have these… Asos Design Oversized Fishnet socks in black, £1, were £4 (one size) 

Asos Design oversized fishnet ankle socks £1, were £4

In white shown with trainers.
Asos Design Oversized Fishnet ankle socks in White, £2, were £4.

Asos Design oversized fishnet ankle socks £2, were £4

H&M have these little spot mesh ankle socks – super cute.
H&M mesh ankle socks 2pack £6.99

H&M mesh socks £6.99

More Pinterest inspiration with trainers… I’d like to wear this kind of combo with some wide leg (black, obvs) trousers – then I’d just occasionally flash a sparkly ankle now and again happily…

Pinterest inspiration

& Other Stories Sparkle Rib ankle socks £8

& Other Stories Glitter Rib Sock £8

& Other Stories again, Speckle sparkle ankle socks £8

& Other Stories Speckle socks £8

Topshop Glitter Ankle socks in Gold, £3.50

Topshop Glitter Ankle Socks £3.50

In for a penny… check out these bad boys… available in four different colourways.
Topshop Leopard Print socks £6.

Topshop Animal Print ankle socks £6

Dramatic shoes are showcased with some calmer thicker socks… as shown on Pinterest. (And a great way to break in a new pair of shoes… wear with thick socks… see, practical as well as stylish.)

Pinterest inspiration

Perhaps more traditionally thought of evening shoes, made more day wear with bright socks… (too Carrie Bradshaw perhaps?)

Pinterest insp

OK then, but this look could convince me to wear socks with my trainers after all…
Brora Cashmere socks £25, were £39

Brora Cashmere Socks £25, were £39

A last bit of inspiration for a classic, grown up and simply super easy to wear look… black socks worn with sandals.
But rules must apply… they must be a matching pair of socks, no holes and properly black.


Finally, if in doubt, and if the thought of wearing a jazzy sock OUT is too much… these would do nicely to stay in with.
Etsy LuckTen Wine Socks £8.59

Etsy LuckTen Wine Socks £8.59

Classic. xx

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