Jumpsuits, again

Jumpsuits aren’t going anywhere. Phew.
I’m still wearing my more summery jumpsuits even now with a thin polo neck jumper underneath (+/- a denim jacket when required).
Granted my ‘summery’ jumpsuits are all black – but that is mere details.

There are a few bits of springy type garments that are now dropping in store (I am keeping my eyes peeled for the midi/maxi dresses that I missed out on last year and am going to ensure I’m in at least with a fighting chance this time. Honest.) But it is the jumpsuits that are calling me.

In the meantime; jumpsuits, boiler suits call them what you will – I love them and neeeeed* a new one for my repertoire.

I’ve a hankering for a denim one – dark indigo, not too flappy, not too fitted, not too faded, not too pristine. Not much to ask.
This could be a possibility – real-life colour depending. The ‘look-book’ image of this made the denim slightly darker…
Next Denim Long Sleeve Jumpsuit £52

next denim long sleeve jumpsuit £52

This could also be an option from & Other Stories – the leg wappy-ness (technical term) would need to be tried out…
& Other Stories denim overall jumpsuit £89

& other stories denim overall jumpsuit £89

Maybe it’s more of a Top Gun thing I’m secretly after? (and hello white boots…)
& Other Stories utility work wear boiler suit £89

& other stories utility workwear boiler suit £89

Or green from Mango (note the pointy shoe adds some oomph I think to look that could otherwise be too casual on occasion?)
Mango long chest pocket jumpsuit £29.99, was £49.99

mango long chest pocket jumpsuit £29.99, was £49.99

Yes, OK there’s definitely a theme going on here, I can almost hear ‘Take My Breath Away’ playing. This one looks to have more of a sheen to it.
M&S Autograph modal rich long sleeve maxi jumpsuit £89

m&s autograph modal rich long sleeve maxi jumpsuit £89

Some printed numbers now… these I think could work as well with trainers for more casual days, as with a dressy sandal (or shoe – though have to say a pointy toe) heel for a ‘do’ – I’d have no issue about wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding even… were I to get an invite.
Next Navy spot kimono sleeve jumpsuit £58

next navy spot kimono sleeve jumpsuit £58

Or this quieter print… (but a print nonetheless.)
& Other Stories Squiggle Print wrap jumpsuit £89

& other stories squiggle print wrap jumpsuit £89

Modern small geo print with contrast piped edges. Good to see this with trainers… flat strappy sandals would be just as good. I like the wide leg and ankle-length-ness of this.
Next Red Geo jumpsuit £50

next red geo jumpsuit £50

Smarter and simpler from Hush, I think I’ve mentioned this one before… is this the one that got away? Hummmmmm….
Hush Vivien Jumpsuit £95

hush vivian jumpsuit £95

Finally this navy jumpsuit from M&S, infinite uses, and ‘wear-withs’ trainers, heels or teamed with a coloured accessory…
M&S v-neck short sleeve navy jumpsuit £45

m&s v-neck short sleeve jumpsuit navy £45

And the back view with strong-sling-back-shoe game.

m&s short sleeve jumpsuit navy £45

Jumpsuits…. as if you needed convincing…

*Probably don’t actually neeeeed a boiler suity/overall affair, but would really really really like one, especially for plumbing call-outs/and our seemingly endless DIY adventures at E-E Towers…

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