Check Mate

I love clothes, I love fashion, I love designing and coming up with new ideas for the day job. But sometimes I find the whole ‘fashion thing’ is just sooooo overwhelming.

Maybe I have spent too much time scrolling on Instagram and flicking through real and virtual magazine pages recently, but in a time where we are thankfully at a stage where anything goes (fashion wise) – this Autumn there are certain ‘key messages’ that are so prevalent and so many ‘must have’ looks that really, I’m starting to find some aspects off putting. Oh dear.

Case in Point # 1; the Checked Blazer
Checked Blazers have been rumbling around for a while I think that part of the success and brilliance of a Checked Blazer is that a check offers something different (but not scarily so) for those of us perhaps entrenched in a black or possibly navy only wardrobe situation when it comes to blazers.

I was in a meeting yesterday and my colleague that was with me was wearing a lovely mid-tone grey checked jacket with a red side stripe (nice touch).
I mentioned the gorgeous Chrissie Checked Hush jacket a few weeks ago with a dash of red through it – I still love it, but would now hesitate to buy it, though in truth I don’t have enough ‘events’ shall we call it where I would need or want to wear it, but…

But if I did go for a Checked Blazer… how to wear it? Well, I looked to Pinterest… (Pinterest is a GREAT TOOL, it’s brilliant – but as often there are no dates… has the image just been uploaded or is it five years old?)

Anyhow – these are some great styling ideas… for a check blazer or, ANY blazer for when you want to style up or down a look.

blazer with wide belt to cinch in waist,
Pinterest; blazer with wide belt to cinch in waist, just don’t plan on a big lunch
pinterest 2
Pinterest; worn with a slogan tee, and jaunty neck tie… not sure I could pull that off on the school run though
pinterest 3
Pinterest; oversized Check coat with hoodie… high/low dressing. Love it.

I would in my own gentle print clashing way, want to mix the check with a stripe – keeping the colour levels tonal – in my head at least the (presumably) grey check I’d go for, would sit well with a black & white stripe Breton, perhaps like this one…
& Other Stories, Stripe Tee £13, was £23

& Other Stories Stripe Tee £13, was £23

Or this version;
Long Sleeve from Cos £17

Cos Long Sleeve Stripe top £17

Or a little more daring…
Cos Kimono Sleeve T-shirt £19

Cos Kimono Sleeve t-shirt £19

I can’t be doing with here now gone tomorrow fashion, it’s not me, or my life situation – and it’s downright exhausting. When I buy clothes I want the pieces I add into my wardrobe to work with everything else, but add a little newness.

So how to dip a toe in to the Check Mate arena, as a cool nod to, but not full on Fash-On Slave to the Check…?
This skirt from M&S has some longevity… and great easy and do-able styling here.
M&S Collection Asymmetric Check Midi skirt £39.50

M&S Checked Asymmetric pleated midi skirt £39.50

A darker and more subtle check in trouser form…
M&S Everywear slim leg ankle grazer trouser £29.50

M&S Checked Every wear slim leg ankle grazer trouser £29.50

A jacket with different styling… I like it.
H&M Jacket with Tie belt £34.99

H&M jacket with tie belt £34.99

Trousers from H&M, love this super simple white shirt styling
H&M Cigarette Trousers £19.99 in cream & black check

H&M Cigarette trousers £19.99

Pulling on the slight mustard-ish colour going through the above check… how about this? Go large or go home.
ASOS DESIGN oversized fluffy blown up check mustard scarf £18

ASOS DESIGN oversized fluffy blown up check mustard scarf £18

We’re perhaps not quite yet in coat weather, this could get things started though… yes it’s check (one of the prints of the season), but with this classic styling – it would last years.
ASOS DESIGN Check Mac £80

ASOS DESIGN Check Mac £80

Herringbone Coat Topshop £65

Topshop Herringbone Check Coat £65

Finally, if all of this Check is too much and if in doubt about the check, or your just want to dabble… accessories could be the way forward – this is also, an any-season essential.
Fulton Riva Prince of Wales Check Umbrella at John Lewis & Partners £22

Fulton Riva Prince of Wales Check Umbrella, £22

Check Out Complete. xx

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