French Connection; I’m sorry…

…but I forgot about you for a while. Quite a long time. Can I blame the kids?

Back in the day, I lived in a different part of town and, of a weekend used to amble to Hampstead and be easily diverted in a small, but perfectly formed store… and, I used to work in the West End every day so could easily slip in, catch up and purchase when required. I (sadly) never bought loads of things there, though I might have wanted to. But everything I bought, I think that I still have… and still generally wear.

It’s been a joy, quite literally to re-discover them. My life, with two young kids had evolved into not needing (she says, pausing for thought… *needing?*) I didn’t need/couldn’t afford the loveliness when having a shoulder covered in something unpleasant or crawling around the floor building train tracks.

But now, the kids are a bit bigger, work is different. So, French Connection. Hello, how are you? I know you’ve been through some changes, but you’re looking great. So what have you got for me now?

(Oh but folks be quick – until Midnight TONIGHT 20% off, with the code FCSHOP20)

Coats – we’re there… jackets and big scarfs will take us so far, then there comes a point.

Classic Platform Felt trench style coat in black… timeless and an investment for sure £230.

French Connection Platform Felt Cinched waist coat black £230

And in camel, £230.

French Connection Platform Felt Cinched waist coat £230

This Jackie Checked coat is gorgeous, £235… a keeper again, even if this becomes one of those pieces you put away for a year or two, then pull out again and it looks fresh.

French Connection Jackie Checked Coat £235

A smaller check, love the colour combinations here, Beverly Check £260. Loads of possibilities on what to wear this with.

French Connection Beverley Coat £260

And finally, if perhaps you feel you can’t do Leopard print – this Nariko Faux Fur Coat £185 could be a great alternative.

French Connection Nariko Faux Fur coat £185

A couple of jackets that I couldn’t help but include, I love this colour blocking detail. Antonia Tweed jacket £135.00.

French Connection Antonia Tweed Jacket £135

Antonia Tweed £135

And this Platform cross over jacket £190.00; a great alternative to a regular blazer…

French Connection Platform Felt Crossover jacket £190

Knitwear has become another more pressing aspect of getting dressed. I’m yet to get the really chunky ones out, but their days are coming and sooner than I almost might like. French Connection have plenty in to tempt… I love the sleeve detail on this Sofia jumper, £95.00 and the design goes round the back too.

Colour blocking, a favourite of mine, this has texture blocking too, Patchwork knit £90

French Connection Patchwork knits jumper £90

A shot of colour now, I love this kind of jacket/cardigan Burliuk Boucle £85 – this is styled, to me, in a very spring like way… but I still love it… great with a poloneck, or silky vest/jeans. And great to know it can also carry you through to spring.

French Connection Burliuk Boucle Knict cardigan £85

More monochrome in case the above was all too much, Bambino Block £65

French Connection Bambino Block colour £65

I LOVE this jumper and trouser combo… I want this… and to be able to stand like this all day and look this effortlessly cool and fabulous. Reba Knits £99.00
French Connection Reba Knits Jumper £99

I love jeans, I wear them in rotation… but there are times (not many) when something smarter or sharper is needed… Tallulah step hem £95. Love these, not necessarily with these boots. Effortlessly chic.

French Connection Tallulah Step hem trousers £95

Peg/tapered leg in grey. I don’t have any grey trousers (yet) in my arsenal, but if I did – these are what I’d go for, Frieda – £110.

French Connection Frieda Wool trousers £110

Cropped Tallulah cullottes £110, perfect with trainers, sock/slim fitting boots too.

French Connection Tallulah cropped trousers £110

Velvet Skinny jeans £85.00 available in various colours – love. There’s a blog coming very soon all about velvet… these will be perfect as a starter.

French Connection Velvet skinny jeans £85

Oh I could go on… but the above satisfy my immediate wardrobe needs/lusts. Move forth quickly now and use the 20% off code FCSHOP20 – valid until midnight tonight… GO!!!


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