Baby, its cold outside…

Being British, I’m obsessed with the weather. I love to check a weather app.

The Beast from the East. Snow. Cold, cold and more cold it would appear is what we have to look forward to for the foreseeable future. And in the words of the most marvellous Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’. And I’m done with it. I don’t like being cold. Officially. I’m over it.

I was wanting to look at all things spring – perhaps just some pretty things that even if we can only dream of right them right now, they would give us hope. But… but… as the weather is distracting me I seemingly can’t possibly comprehend spring-ish things at this point in time.

Therefore I’m left asking, what do we need right now? Thermals. Oh be still my beating heart. I didn’t think that there would be much to get excited about, but I’ve sort of been proven wrong. The possibilities of thermals have become a little more interesting since the days of just Damart Catalogues.

M&S as we would hope and expect – seriously upped the game… boom – love this print, £16 with Heatgen technology. (Heatgen = special fibres to keep super warm + they are lightweight.)

M&S Printed Thermal £16

A winner for me – I’ve had this one before – loved it, wore it until it could be worn no more. Navy stripe £18, M&S.

M&S Heat Gen £16 stripe

Crew Neck from Intermissimi – £36.99 in a cashmere/modal mix Good length. No draughts.

Intermissimi round neck modal & cashmere £36

Khaki long sleeve scoop neck – another winner, ribbed this time, M&S £16.

M&S Ribbed Heat Gen £16

Uniqlo have a limited offer left online – but these are winners – I’ve had these before (*scratches head – why do I not have these now?*) these are £9.90, were £12.90

Uniqlo heat tech crew neck £9.90

or in wine, still £9.90

Uniqlo heat tech crew neck £9.90

And then a strikingly brilliant move… a glamorous thermal top, short sleeved top with Heatgen technology, M&S £16

M&S Heat Gen top with lace £18

Long sleeved, M&S £20

M&S Heat Gen Thermal ls top £20

Now (almost) back to where I was meaning to get to… which was all things spring and hopeful and shocker, colourful… this Heatgen thermal long sleeve top, M&S £16  worn under a jumper or sweatshirt with sleeves pulled up slightly for a pop of spring time joy…  lovely. (There are about 10 colours available with most sizes still in stock.)

M&S Heat Gen £16

This sweat shirt perhaps, Zara £15.99 would look amazing with a bright thermal top underneath don’t you think?

Zara sweatshirt £15.99

This pleated scarf, from Zara again, £17.99 would be great layered up. Oh the colour. (And the ginger leather trousers… to be discussed….)

Zara pleated Scarf £17.99

I’m so divererted by the cold… and as I sit here and type the snow is falling. Hard. And settling. (*squeals!*). Which seg-ways us nicely into some appres-ski ideas now…

& Other Stories, Varsity jumper £49.

& Other Stories Varsity Knit £49

And if the sun was shining on the slopes… we might need these from Mango £19.99

Mango Cat-Eye Sunglasses £19.99

Or these from Topshop by Quay, Going Solo, £40.

Going Solo by Quay, at Topshop £40

This boyfriend jumper from & Other Stories, £59 with a long sleeve thermal underneath it – cosy as…

& Other Stories Varsity Boyfriend Knit £59

These sunglasses would compliment and clash with the above jumper (& those ginger leather trews way above…) Quay at Topshop £40.

After Hours by Quay Topshop £40

And if it all becomes too much and hibernation is the only choice… this set from Oysho will do just nicely. Sweater £25.99

Oysho extra soft sweater £25.99

With these trousers… £25.99

Oysho extra soft trousers £25.99

Keep warm & see you on the other side


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